The History Of

ABC Schools

As mothers with a total of 5 children, we offer additional family care within every aspect of our learning environment. A warm and loving care where the
children can learn English through play and spend their free time in a beautiful, modern place.

At the same time, we want the children to spend a lot of time in the fresh air and just be allowed to be children! This is why we feel it is so important to have regular walks, forest adventures and excursions to new places. To continue our vision, we changed our name for “ABC-Daycare” to “ABC-Schools” in 2022. This was to facilitate our kindergarten and primary school programs.

While we have a focus of German and English together, teaching 50/50, the English language is used a little more during transitions and in play. We do this so the children learn English quicker and easier with us.

How do we do this?

Through our varied activity program, the children learn to speak almost unconsciously and at ease and immerse themselves completely in the new language. If a teacher speaks English, the children will speak English to them. The same with German. The goal is that after a few months, the children will be speaking fluent English. At their early age, children still possess the ability to easily achieve bilingualism. It is much more difficult for us adults.

When you parents go to work or want to treat yourselves to some
free time, the children at Abc-Schools are lovingly cared for by our
team! By the end of their experience with us, our social, physically
active, dual-language learners will have a much bigger head start in
both school readiness, and life!

Why choose ABC-Schools?

  • Individual support for your child.
  • Lessons with teachers whose mother tongue is English.
  • Supervision is also available during the school holidays (Camp Weeks).
  • Small groups.
  • Modern, bright premises and a safe environment.
  • The fresh air we enjoy and the surrounding forests.

Physical and emotional safety are our top priorities.

The care and education for your children here at ABC-Schools is the best you will find.
Of course, you’ll have to make this decision yourself. Therefore, we would love to meet you in person! Then, we can organise a trial-day for you and your child at no cost.

Get in touch with us when it’s convenient for you. We will be happy to sit down together, present our concept to you, answer your questions, and show you the premises.

We have an “Open Day” once a year, ask us when it is!
Please pre-register for our daycare via the “Anmeldeformular Krippe” form in the Downloads section.


The Founders

Bettina Perler & Marisa Ivankovic

Managing Directors/Owner Administration