Bilingual Kindergarten D/E

Years old

Maximum 17

Class Size

7:30AM UNTIL 6:15PM

Class Duration

From: CHF 1’550



  • German / English 50%.
  • Privately-made curriculum & Lehrplan 21.
  • Teachers speak in their mother-tongue.
  • The children are prepared to enter primary school either at ABC-Schools, an International School, or the public system in math, language arts, music, sport, and of course socially.
  • Swimming lessons with an external swimming instructor (Included in the price).
  • Camp Weeks are substituted for eight of the typical Swiss Holilday weeks (The Kindergarten is only closed for four weeks of the year).
  • If desired, the children can spend these eight weeks in the school going on trips and enjoying some fun together! This is included in the original price.


All parts of our educational program are included in the price. Only our Music, Art, and Extra Language Courses (such as Spanish) are extra, but not necessary to take. Breakfast, Morning Snack, and Lunch are included in the price. Afternoon snack should be prepared in a lunchbox for the children to bring to school with them.

Costs per month for 3 ½ days per week CHF 1’550.00
Costs per month for 4 days per week CHF 1’700.00
Costs per month for 4 ½ days per week CHF 1’875.00
Costs per month for 5 days per week CHF 2’000.00