bilingual childcare in Switzerland
Primary School
After 6 Years

Years Old

Max 15

Class Size

07:30 bis 18:15 Uhr/h5>

Class Duration

Our primary school consists of only grades one, two, and three so that we remain in a more intimate setting. We do this so that each one of our students gets the individual needs addressed every day.

Our focus will be to enjoy a small, social environment with 4 academic periods throughout the day. We feel that with the lessons we have chosen we fulfill the requirements needed to not only match the schools around us, but even surpass them academically.

Abc-Schools has some of the longest opening hours in Switzerland, so we have enough time to keep our day flexible, yet still sticking to our daily schedule. We do this so we can prepare for any and every challenge, as well as offering help in the afternoon for children who need more time to learn or socialize.

We introduce the children to both German and English and prepare them for their future schooling in all areas of learning. Depending on their previous knowledge, we differentiate the language of their learning accordingly. Half of the instruction is given in German and the other half is in English. These lessonsaregivenby native-speakingeducators.